AccuSender® Fax

Fax scanned documents simply and securely utilizing most popular existing fax servers.


Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Faxing

Despite the increased use of digital technology, vertical markets such as healthcare, manufacturing and financial services are still heavily dependent upon fax technology as part of their processes.

KYOCERA’s AccuSender Fax is a business application that enables users to send scanned documents as faxes directly from your KYOCERA MFP. Through integration with most popular fax servers on the market, users simply scan a hardcopy document or select one from stored archives, configure it as an attachment to an e-mail message, and use the recipient’s fax number as the e-mail address. The fax server translates the attachment, which is then processed as an incoming fax by the recipient’s fax machine.

AccuSender Fax is a simple, cost-effective way to add increased functionality to your KYOCERA MFP as well as eliminate the security risks associated with stand-alone fax machines and insecure e-mail communications.

AccuSender Fax is a trademark of Kyocera.

  • Seamless integration with line of business applications
  • Increased compliance by retaining a full audit trail and archiving of all sent fax communication
  • Lower costs by reducing paper, phone lines, modems, stand alone fax machines and related supplies
  • Aid with compliance by providing a secure place for managing document distribution and delivery
  • Reduction in the need for time-consuming manual faxing