As TDC and technology partners are committed to pursuing a harmonious balance between economic development and environmental preservation.
Our manufactures have an expressed strong ecological policy. Knowing the large foot print for office equipment on the environment, we have rolled out few initiatives to support paperless workflow by providing cutting document imaging business applications that are designed to reduce print and encourage scanning, OCR, storing,  and archiving documents.
We proud to be working with office solutions that are  environmentally friendly that provide superior energy-and supply-saving features, that can dramatically reduce waste, without compromising productivity.

Kyocera Empty Toner & Waste Bottle Return Instructions


1 -Use only the packaging from your new toner; do not use any other packaging. Place the used toner cartridge and waste toner bottles in the plastic bag from your new Kyocera cartridge and use either the new carton or the original carton to make the return; Pack in the carton and seal with tape.

2- Make certain that the cartridge and waste toner bottle are cushioned in the original packaging and the carton is taped securely.

3- To reduce your carbon footprint:
Please click on here to obtain a Canada Post Pre-paid Shipping Label and complete the form. You will need the serial number of your device. An email with the link to the pre-paid shipping label will be emailed to the requestor.

4- Simply drop off the carton/bundle at your nearest Canada Post office for environmentally friendly return recycling. If your company has a commercial pick-up parcel agreement with Canada Post, include the carton/bundle with your daily outbound shipments. (Note: Customer will be responsible for any Canada Post charges related to customer pick-up requests.)

For inquiries on the KYOCERA toner cartridge recycling program, please email