Your Information Is Important And You Need It When It Matters Most

The healthcare industry runs 24/7 and your so does your equipment. They’re in every aspect of your day to day: patient records, invoicing, insurance, supplies and more. You need a reliable solution and a reliable company.


Many healthcare institutions struggle with critical daily business processes including insurance claim management, medical supply inventory and ordering, and not meeting mandated levels of patient confidentiality. Too many steps are involved and too many hands required. KYOCERA simplifies these complex workflows and helps move documents across different locations quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. And because our solutions adapt to your existing infrastructure, costly operational overhauls are eliminated.


IT doesn’t matter how big or how small your needs are. With our simplified approach to document workflow that includes a simple way to implement your needs. It makes the set-up and comprehension a breeze. The color touch screen control panel can be customized for healthcare settings and is easily replicated on multiple machines. User access for all devices can be efficiently managed from centralized controls and the entire fleet can be administered remotely with ease.


In any healthcare environment, safeguarding medical records and patient information is the main priority. We understands how critical security is to your organization, so we provide solutions for secure document scanning and printing, such as PinPoint Scan, as well as process management protocols to assist with HIPPA compliance. Controlled access allows you to define who can scan and print to each device and each location.